Hanna-Maria Vanaküla 




2016- 2019 Estonian Academy of Arts, Metal Arts Department by prof. Kadri Mälk, MA 

2013- 2016 Estonian Academy of Arts, Metal Ars Department by prof. Kadri Mälk, BA 

2006- 2010 Tallinn Health Care College, Optometry Department 


Solo exhibitions: 

2018 "HannaHansel" Hop Gallery. Tallinn, Estonia (together with Hansel Dai) 


Group exhibitions: 

2020 "O O O O" Jutelaune pop-up Gallery. Munich, Germani (together with Erinn M. Cox, Kristine Ervik, Olaf T. Hodne)

2020 "The Anatomy of Estonian Art Jewellery 1953-2019" Tartu Art Museum. Tartu, Estonia

2019 "Ornement(ation)!" Galerie Lewis. Quebec City, Canada

2019 "TASE´ 19" Estonian Academy of Arts Graduation Show. EKA. Tallinn, Estonia

2019 "Athens Jewellery Week" Estonian Academy of Art, Metal Department Exhibition. Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum.  Athens, Greece

2019 "Marzee for Startes" Internationale Handwerkmesse. Munich, Germany

2019 "Young Estonian Jewellery Award exhibition in Amber Trip" Litexpo. Vilnius, Lithuania.

2018 “Young Estonian Jewellery Award 10 years anniversary exhibition” Maarjamäe Palace. Tallinn, Estonia.  

2018 "Marzee for Starters" CODA Museum. Apeldoorn, Netherlands 

2018 "Talente 2018" Internationale Handwerkmesse. Munich, Germany 

2017 "Marzee for Starters" CODA Museum. Apeldoorn, Netherlands 

2017 "Beijing International Jewelry Exhibition" Zhongguancun Fashion Indusrty Innovation Park. 

Beijing, China 

2017 "Hand Atlas" Noblessner Foundry. Tallinn, Estonia 

2017 "Circus" Saaremaa Art Gallery. Saaremaa, Estonia 

2017 "Schmuck 2017" Internationale Handwerkmesse. Munich, Germany 

2016 "Marzee International Graduate Show 2016" Galerie Marzee. Nijmegen, The Netherlands 

2016 „Symptom“ EAA Gallery. Tallinn, Estonia 

2016 „Urban Loneliness“ Old Military Diner. Aegna, Estonia 

2016 “Symptom” Narva Art Residency. Narva, Estonia 

2016 “Department” Narva Art residensy. Narva, Estonia 

2016 “Cathexis” Escuela superior de Arte y Diseño de Valencia. Valecia, Spain 

2015 “Hunt” Telliskivi Water Tower. Tallinn, Estonia 

2014 “Ferromenal”, Tallinn Art Hall. Tallinn, Estonia 

2014 “TUNGraud”, Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. Tallinn, Estonia 



2017 Young Estonian Jewellery Award 


Workshop participate: 

2016 Mari Ishikawa, Parallel World 

2017 Claude Schmitz, Precious Jewellery 

2017 Ryo Saito, Tallinn / Tokyo / riimvees 

2017 Philip Sajet, Ugly Jewellery 

2017 Adam Grinovich, ONEPLUSONE 

2018 Ruudt Peters, RADICAL 

2018 Jiro Kamata/ Mirror, mirror on the wall... 



Works at collections: 

Helen E. Drutt, Kadri Mälk, Estonian Academy of Art Jewellery and Blacksmithing department 

collection, and other private collections 

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